Wily Enterprise Manager / Introscope

When working with Wily Enterprise Manager, and you need some informations.

  • Which version are you using?

Login to your system where Wily/Introscope is installed, go to log folder and check the file IntroscopeEnterpriseManager.log, you you will find your version "Release (Build 583031)"

Or check in the IntroscopeEMWWebView.log, you will find your version "Release (Build 583031)"

  •  To launch Wily/Introscope Enterprise Manager - Webview: Login to Solution Manager After that run transaction SM_WORKCENTER -> Navigate to Root Cause Analysis Workcenter -> System Analysis -> On right side of the screen, click on the CA Introscope then Select Webview or Workstation
  • You can access directely with the urls



User admin / Password (Default): Admin89